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Kevin D. Christensen, AIF®

Kevin D. Christensen, AIF®

Wealth Advisor at Overland & Shanahan Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Overland & Shanahan is a comprehensive financial planning firm. We specialize in investment management, insurance planning, college education planning and tax minimization strategies. We also work with small business owners in designing employee benefit plans including qualified retirement plans and executive benefit packages.

At today’s meeting  our Financial Planner, Kevin Christensen spoke about some of the different programs and services he provides. Kevin works with a wide variety of clients and is always coming up with new ways and strategies to help them with their financial needs. To learn more about Kevin and how he can help you we urge you to check out his Linkedin or Contact him directly.

Book Talk

Chapter 1

It’s all in your subconscious

As Jen herself says, “my subconscious made me do it!” Jen really emphasises the role our subconscious plays in every decision we make. She describes it as the blueprint for our life and essentially makes up everything we consider to be our beliefs.

The interesting part is that we are essentially completely oblivious to the subconscious beliefs, despite the fact that they run our lives. No matter what we do or how we do it, our subconscious minds and beliefs are controlling us, they run the show.