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Tyler Crisci

Tyler Crisci

Loan Officer

Are you currently renting? Do you plan on buying? Do you know how much your qualified for? What do you need to do?

These are all questions that were answered by this weeks’s Spotlight Speak, Tyler Crisci of MDC Financial Service Group, inc.  Tyler and his company work with big time banks as well as small brokers to get great rates and programs for buyers of all shapes and sizes.  In today’s meeting, Tyler presented a PowerPoint with the group on exactly what it takes to buy a home. If you would like a copy or have any questions about the home buying process please give Tyler a call at 619-325-4144

Book Talk

Chapter 5

Self perception is a Zoo

  • Try seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who admires you
    • They believe in you and aren’t connected to your insecurities and negative beliefs about yourself
  • You are the only you there is, and you are the only you that will ever be