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Daria van Nice

Daria van Nice


Daria Van Nice owns Vintage Camera Box Photo Booth and Raw Images Photography! Raw Images is a portrait photography business focusing on Advertising, Branding and Portrait photography in the San Diego area.

Vintage Camera Box is an indoor & outdoor photo booth trailer specializing in promoting your brand and creating a memorable event. Both Businesses strive to uplift your brand and create lasting memories your clients/family/friends won’t forget.

I strive to bring out the essence of peoples spirits and capture it in a stunning image. I am very attentive in photographing the uniqueness and personalities in each individual. My style is constantly evolving and growing with the needs of my clients. I believe the photo experience should be a pleasurable and joyful experience that captures your unique personality in a professional eye catching image that enhances your product/service, uplifts your brand and captures the attention of new clientele. My passion for life and the art I create shines through my photo shoots. I have a calming lighthearted personality that helps people feel comfortable and relaxed so we both can co-create the true heart and soul of the image.


Daria shared about the different services she offers through her business Vintage Camera Box. She showed off examples of the custom photo strips that are printed out live after photos are taken at an event. In addition to printed photo strips, Vintage Camera box e-mails photos (instantly) along with an animated gif.

Add some extra WOW to your next event with Vintage Camera Box!

Book Talk

Chapter 6

Love The One You Is

Jen prioritizes the concept of loving yourself, how can you be unhappy when you truly love yourself?

Here are Jen’s top tips for self-love:

  1. Appreciate how special you are
  2. Drown yourself in affirmations
  3. Do things you love
  4. Ditch the self-deprecating humour
  5. Let the love in
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others
  7. Forgive yourself!