There has been a huge change in business development strategies over the past decade. Gone are the days where a telephone call was the initial point of contact with potential customers. It has almost become like postal mail marketing. Cold calling can do more harm than good in most cases. If you are unknown then it is impossible to get past your caller id as people are merciless in marking you as spam within just a span of a single call. How about email? You’ll immediately be blocked as a spammer.

The only business development strategy that is relevant today is based around building trusted relationships and leveraging them to meet new potential customers. You can consider these relationships as the backbone of your business network. It is crucial to grow and nurture such relationships as, more often than not, your business network is where a large chunk of your business growth will come from in the coming years. 

Here are some ways you can build and grow your business by growing and leveraging your business network,

Seek Referrals

Your existing customers are your biggest link to acquiring new potential customers. They will always know someone who may need your product or service. It is completely fine to ask them for referrals like San Diego referrals and it is essential to request permission to use their name for the introduction. When you have a referred contact in hand along with a trusted customer who stands behind what you have on offer as the backup, you can reach out to them and introduce yourself either through telephone or email. Once your prospect hears or sees your customer’s name, your chances of success are enhanced greatly. 


Your customers are the most important advocates for your company. It is essential for you to ask your customers to provide a testimonial of your services or products after they have used them. Most of loyal customers will agree to it as they will want to take part in making your business successful. These testimonials may be just simple quotes or even longer case studies that outlines how your product or service solved their problem. One you have the testimonials, you’ll need to think of ways you can make it accessible to as many new potential customers as possible. You must post all of them on your website first and then you will need to find other sites that are willing to post it up. The more the better when it comes to the number of places where you have posted the testimonials of your customers. 

Industry Meetings

It may be hard to believe it but face-to-face meetings are not dead in this digital age. Actively participate in all industry meetings, trade shows and conferences held across various locations throughout the country or even the world if you are a global company. They are the gateway to build and nurture relationships with colleagues, business partners and other business professionals. As the famous saying goes, ‘your network is your net worth’ is absolutely true.

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