According to a survey, more than 80% of customers rely more on personal referrals rather than a celebrity starring advertisement. Unfortunately, it is much easier to make the best advertisement than to create more referrals. However, we talked with many experts in the field and have collected the top three ways to boost referrals for your company.

Customer service

Doing bare minimum to get your customers to leave your premise with satisfaction is not enough anymore. You need to do a tad more than your competitors to get San Diego referrals for your company. The basis of good customer service is speed, accuracy, and hospitality. Using technology to get things done faster is the first phase of customer service. When things go wrong, the human hospitality and empathy would help to pacify your customers while your technology tries to rectify the problem as soon as possible. It is always a combination of technology and humane effect.

Do you know that only 12% of satisfied customers would refer your business to friends but, more than 80% of unsatisfied customers would take the war with you to social media and become a PR nightmare? Thus, it is always better to stick with flawless customer service. According to experts, it is best to get San Diego referrals from customers who are satisfied after posting a query. This helps to showcase how much better your company would deal with handling queries when things go wrong.

Social media sharing

The most common method of social media sharing is by asking San Diego referrals to share your site or post about your company for a small reward like discount coupons and so on. If you want better exposure, you can post pictures you took with clients while closing deals, post company events pictures and even details about any future discounts. This will help you get more exposure. Some companies even link QR code with referral links to motivate customers to work as your ambassador.

Recognize referrals

Every time a new customer joins your business ask how they know your business. If the customer mentions that he was referred by a friend, try to recognize and appreciate that referral and showcase that appreciation through social media and other platforms. This will work in great length for employee referrals too. In this way, you are recognizing and motivating San Diego referrals to work for you. When it comes to employee referrals, instead of giving targets per month, try to give incentives per referral. Positive motivation is always the best when it comes to networking.

About 85% of current small scale businesses have recorded that referrals are their biggest source of customers. Your new customers who are referred by friends are four times more likely to recommend your product to other friends than customers brought in by advertisements. If you are looking for a more mathematical statement, loyal customers would increase your revenue, 16% more than a customer introduced to your business via advertisement. Referrals are not just for small scale industries. Even if you are a monopoly in your field, you need customers to vouch for your service and product.

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