Networking for Health & Wellness Professionals

We offer a unique networking experience to help health & wellness professionals grow their practices and network with other small business owners in San Diego.

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Fill out the form below and we will e-mail you the Zoom info to attend our meeting. You are invited to attend two meetings for free before having to make any kind of commitment.


San Diego Health Professional Networking

Stop Cold Calling

Stop cold calling. When you have a group of like-minded professionals as your sales team, you get new business in the form of a warm introduction, rather than a voicemail box.

Non-Profit Org

San Diego Referral Club is a non-profit organization. Every penny of dues that you pay benefits you as a member through networking, marketing, education and the occasional beer.


A huge perk of SDRC is paid advertising. Not only do we run paid advertising for the group as a whole, but we run paid advertisements for each member in good standing.

Early Meetings

The early bird gets the worm. We meet early in the morning so that you can get to the office and get your work day started with minimal disruption.

Scholarship Program

Want to learn something new that will benefit the group? We’ve got you covered. SDRC will partially reimburse members for continuing education directly relevant to the group.

Grow Your Network

Grow both your personal and professional network! Not only do you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our members, but we frequently have guests too.


Because we only let in one person from each professional classification, you never have to worry about competition within the group. We prefer collaboration to competition.

Monthly Mixers

In order to help grow our group and expand our collective network, we offer monthly mixers. Some months we host our own mixers, other months we go to outside mixers together.

Never Stop Learning

Every week we learn something new together. Either something from a motivational book, something a member wants to share with the group or on-going networking education.

Become Your Best You

Networking is a great way to improve your speaking and presentation skills. Many of our members transformed from being shy to being confident speakers in a few months.