Member Landing Page Submission

Please reference the following image when filling out the form.

  • Business Information

    Please provide the business information that will be publicly visible to the client, such as the best way to contact you.
  • Hero Header

    This is the information that will be at the top of the page. The first thing that the customer sees.
  • Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg.
    What image should we use for your hero background? Please find an image you like from and upload it here.
  • Feature / Benefit Section

  • Please limit this to 50 words or less.
  • Please limit this to 50 words or less.
  • Please limit this to 50 words or less.
  • Bio Section

  • Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg.
    Headshot Image
  • Please upload a bio about yourself that is at least 100 words but less than 200. The bio should focus less on personal accomplishments and more on how you have helped customers. Perhaps tell a customer success story if you don't have enough words.
  • Optional Call to Action

    Include an optional call to action here. This can be a free "foot in the door" service that you provide, such as a free website evaluation, free initial consultation, free insurance policy comparison, etc.
  • Should the customer be redirected to your contact info below or should they be redirected to your company website?